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Bamboo, Donahue Garden
Bamboo, Donahue Garden
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There is one word that captures both Marcia Donahue's garden and her garden art--organic. A lush combination of bamboo, vines, trees, and dozens of other plants form what is almost a compact tropical rain forest on Wheeler, just south of Ashby. Within this space she has created her own kiln-fired pieces that blend--organically--into the natural habit so well that sometimes you have to look twice to distinguish what was created by nature and what by Marcia. Consider these bamboo "poles" made of a series of linked clay pieces and then look at the natural bamboo in the photo of the sleeping head. In addition to the plant-inspired work, there are many whimsies and fanciful pieces that make the whole experience a special delight. Truly, a "hidden gem," but fortunately she opens her studio and garden to the public on Sunday afternoons so that it is "not so hidden."