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Sleeping Angel, Howling Dog
Sleeping Angel, Howling Dog
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On Walnut, just up from the original Peet’s coffee house, an angel has fallen asleep or perhaps is weeping, while supporting one end of a bench. Her doggie companion (“Johnnie,” according to his collar) howls to the sky at the other end. The open book by the angel’s hand is intriguing: on one page, the testimony “a loving heart/an enquiring mind,” and on the other the dates 1906 and 2000 with the name Diana Buist. Is this a memorial to a 94-year old lady who perhaps lived nearby? Sadly, in the months since this picture was taken, something has happened to Johnnie’s mouth, the lower part of which has broken off. If the artist is known, perhaps someone can raise with him or her the issue of repair.