JimmyCPhoto is the web home of Berkeley-based photographer James Corr. Please feel free to browse the site and, of course, to buy any photograph that delights your eye. Some of the photographs displayed on JimmyCPhoto are limited editions, meaning that you are guaranteed that no further prints of those pictures will be made in the advertized size and format beyond the specified edition size.

Many of my photos, including some in the "Berkeley Gems" series, are inspired by the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi, which finds beauty in decay and impermanence and incompleteness. Or, rather, accepts that what may superficially seem “incomplete” because of a fault or apparent imperfection (the crack in the vase is often cited as an example) is in fact—at that moment—wholly itself. In commonplace terms, it is what it is. It is not aspiring to be something else. If only we mortals could come to that realization in our daily lives! I am particularly attracted to items that combine the human touch with the effects of nature (allowing for this point that we can separate the human from nature), such as rusting steel, old wood, or peeling paint.

If you have questions, please see the contact link or email me at jimmyc@jimmycphoto.com.