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Lawn Bowling Mosaics
Lawn Bowling Mosaics
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The Berkeley Lawn Bowling Club, corner of Bancroft and Acton, is indeed one of the hidden gems of Berkeley. Confession: I am currently its Vice-President. An oasis in a West Berkeley residential neighborhood, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings it is open to the public for lessons in this long-standing American sport (George Washington played it). It also sports these two mosaics of old-time players. Nothing is known of the artist—yet two identical mosaics hang on the clubhouse of the Oakland Lawn Bowling Club in Lakeside Park. A skip, by the way, is the captain of the team, here advising his teammate exactly where he wishes the next bowl to be placed; a “toucher” is a bowl that touches and ideally rests on the “jack,” the sweetest shot. By the look on his face, the dour Scotsman must be skip of the opposing team!