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Weathered Fence, Bodega, CA
Giclee Print on Canvas
18 x 24 inches (approx)

A weathered fence along the roadside in Bodega CA, just where Alfred Hitchcock filmed "The Birds,"reminds us that "time’s wingèd chariot" draws near for all earthly things. This image was selected for exhibit in the Falkirk Cultural Center (San Rafael, CA) juried show of September-November 2011.

It is a giclee print on fine-art quality canvas, mounted in "continuous mirrored image," meaning that the edge of the picture is duplicated around all sides of the canvas. The overall effect is to give a painterly style to the image. In addition, the canvas is topcoated to prevent damage from moisture, surface wear and UV damage. Note that this is a signed LIMITED EDITION—no more than 100 will be sold in this format—and each print is accompanied by Certificate of Authentication from Berkeley Giclee.