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Pajamarino Rally, UC Berkeley Campus, Pedro J. Lemos
The Pajamarino Rally
Digital Print on Woodblock
5 1/2" X 7"

The Pajamarino Rally is a woodblock print by PEDRO JOSEPH LEMOS (1882-1954). The Pajamarino Rally, no longer celebrated, alas, began in 1901 when, one day, thousands of leaflets appeared on campus announcing a “Pajamahoolo.” It quickly became associated with the bonfire held in the Greek Theater on the eve of the Big Game against Stanford. Until its demise in the 50s or 60s, the rally maintained its pajamas-only dress code. An attempt to revive the Pajamarino Rally in the mid-80s failed, reflecting, it is said, a lack of enthusiasm due to the Bears’ dismal season at the time.

Lemos was among the most influential of the Bay Area's artists and educators of the “Arts and Crafts” era, who was not only an important artist and educator of the applied arts and design in numerous media, but also as an architectural designer, writer, publisher, painter, and printmaker.

This print and its companions in the “Berkeley” series were produced for the “Blue and Gold” Yearbook of the University of California’s Class of 1917. They have been digitally scanned on high-quality graphic paper and fused on a wooden block with recessed bracing for immediate wall-mounting. A clear coat of UV film has been applied to protect and enhance color stability.